• Delivery Services

  • kejan delivery servicesOur delivery service is the most convenient and cost effective service in the entire state of Florida. We do all types of deliveries ranging from one small item to multi items. Our prices are the most talked about among our customers and clients compare to other company.

    Delivery service can be same day or whenever the customers schedule it to be picked up and delivered. if it requires storage we also provide that kind of service among others. Most of our company delivery comes from designers around the city, and from other regions. If a customer needs same day delivery service we can assure that service within a 3 hour period depending on shut off hours of community and building restrictions. Our delivery services are the best in the business none to compare.

    We have a new system that we offer every day pick up its a service that customers with businesses use to make their day less stressful, we do all the logistics and all the customer has to do is read their emails. Need a delivery service all it takes is an email or a phone call.

    Call us at 954-297-7550 for a Packing services.