• Florida Piano Moving Services

  • piano movingKejan delivery has been in the business for over since 1999, we have moved a lot of pianos all types,sizes and colors. Whether it be a household moving or just a single piano pick up and delivery. All of our designers and references give us high quality five star rating on every piano move. Our company also offer storage for pianos, a lot of times clients need space for home improvement other times it’s donations and clients don’t know where to put it at the time.

    To move a piano of any kind requires skills and great team work. Kejan delivery strives to make all a success and guarantee perfection. Our company is aware that it’s hard to find quality service at times so getting the right mover is of big important, keep good faith we will get it done right.

    Moving pianos that are unusual shaped  and heavy requires the right tools and materials to get job done.