• Furniture removals from difficult to reach areas

  • Furniture removalsFurniture removals are usually best left to the professional movers, particularly if you live on a top floor or basement flat, where access areas can be limited or near impossible! Removal companies have the know-how and equipment for moving furniture. If you haven’t got a lift, the handy movers will find a way to get your sofa down or up the stairs without damaging it. So while you may think you can handle the job with a friend, here are a number of reasons why professional removal services are a safer choice.

    Sit back and ask yourself whether you could actually get your fridge or washing machine down four flights of stairs? Even with the assistance of friends, the task is challenging. Plus you could really injure yourself! But the pros will come equipped with all the right tools and will expertly get your fridge safely down the stairs and loaded onto the moving truck. This rule applies to any heavy item of equipment or furniture…. Leave it to the professionals! Attempting it yourself could prove disastrous.

    Flat packed furniture is all the rage and with more and more people moving house and office, it comes as no surprise. When you embark on relocation a main concern is moving furniture. How can I get that sofa or bed through my small front door? Well if you have invested in flat packed furniture, the terrific thing is that it can all be dismantled! So before the movers arrive, why not take apart your bed frame or table as this will mean easier transport for the moving company and take less time. If you don’t have the time or the strength to get down to disassembling your furniture it will be included in the removal firm’s packing service.

    Now if your furniture can’t be dismantled, you’ll need to let your moving company know before they arrive. It’s best to tell them all this when they come to give you an estimate. In order not to forget write it down on your moving checklist, under heavy, bulky items. If the movers see no way of carrying your furniture out the front door, they may suggest hiring a crane and removing your sofa through the window. Remember the less furniture you need to take with you, the less the removal costs will be. Top floor flats can be a real headache when it comes to furniture removals, so if you can leave certain cumbersome items behind it’s advisable that you do.

    The importance of proper and timely planning can’t be emphasised enough! Get all your packing completed well ahead of your move out date and refer back to your inventory and moving checklist regularly. Don’t leave anything behind when it comes to moving furniture! Calculate how much room your furniture will take up and that way you’ll know what size moving van you’ll need. This will only apply if you hire a man with a van or opt for removal van hire. If you’ve commissioned equipment movers, after visiting your home, they’ll know what size moving truck will be required. Remember it’s not the move out that takes planning! If you’re relocating to another difficult to reach flat or house, make sure you’ve assessed all access points and let the movers know too. This will make their job so much easier and you can begin to settle into your new home in no time! As you can probably surmise after reading this, groundwork ahead of furniture removals from a flat is vital! http://manandavan.org.uk/man-with-van/.