• Packing Services

  • Packing servicesKejan Delivery Company treats packaging like an art by taking the time to make sure everything is in place for smooth delivery. Some pieces are easy to handle while others are delicate and require more time to secure packaging.

    Our team is best at what we do because of the skills we achieved over the years. One of our most talked about skill that gets us 5 stars is our packaging and handling. We are equipped with all the necessary materials needed to make the customers most prized possessions secure throughout transport.

    Many of our customers have antiques that has been in the family for generations and passed down so we have bring out our best glove while handling it to make sure our new friends (customers) are highly satisfied.

    List of Packing materials

    • Bubble wrap
    • Boxes
    • Stretch wrap
    • Tape
    • Micro fiber cloths
    • Blow cushions
    • Blankets (heavy duty)

    Call us at 954-297-7550 for a Packing services.