• Miami Professional Moving Company

    Kejan enterprise is a Florida based moving company located in Miami. We are in business for over 15 years serving the community and making customers happy. We work with a lot of designers and furniture developers from all over the world.

    Our first priority is Safety

    We have a lot of repeating happy customers that gives us a lot of referrals that keeps repeating and keep us always busy. We travel the state of Florida making Moves/delivery from 1 item to 20 pallets, 1 bedroom to 7 bedroom houses. Our first priority is safety to ensure that our customers are happy with all our work.

  • Kejan Moving and Delivery Services Miami, Florida

  • Kejan Delivery Company treats packaging like an art by taking the time to make sure everything is in place for smooth delivery. Some pieces are easy to handle while others are delicate and require more time to secure packaging.

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  • We can store it all! Many of our clients ask us if we do month to month storage yes we do. No matter how small it is we can store it. Our company has many storage locations where we store all our company and clients merchandises.

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  • piano moving

    We have moved a lot of pianos all types,sizes and colors. Whether it be a household moving or just a single piano pick up and delivery. All of our designers and references give us high quality five star rating on every piano move.

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  • Our delivery service is the most convenient and cost effective service in the entire state of Florida. We do all types of deliveries ranging from 1 small item to multi items. Our prices are the most talked about among our customers and clients compare to other company.

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